Sunday, July 25, 2010

Star Invents Tug

It was a stormy summer day.

"Mom's moving furniture again. I'm getting nervous.
My bed's in the middle of the living room floor.
I better stick by it."

"Good idea. I'll join you."

Mom got the furniture just the way she liked it,
and then realized she was missing the best sunset in two weeks.

The next morning, the furniture was on the move again.
Now the work table is in front of the window.
Mom has a commanding view of all she surveys.
And the dogs have a great cave under the table
and against the wall under the window.

The next day was warm with picture perfect clouds floating
aimlessly across the sky. While Mom built agility equipment,
Sunny posed in front of nature's backdrop.

While Star tried to get comfortable in her hot rock sauna.

Hey, nobody's forcing her to lay there.

But by far the most fun of the weekend was when Star invented Tug. I had tried to get her interested in tugging before, but she didn't get it. So I think this was an accident. I wasn't even thinking about what I was doing. She was just laying on the floor chewing on carcass of fox when I happened to pass by.

Out of habit, I reached down and picked it up to try to get a game going. I don't think she was thinking about it either when she instinctively got up and started tugging back, and realized she liked it. Yippee! Something else to do with this dog other than just training.

If I were to actually tug against her with the fox's tail, it would come off in my hand, so I ran out the next day and got a real tug rope. I didn't even have the minimal packaging off when Sunny grabbed hold, and the games were under way.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Synchronized Sulking

Why the long faces, kids? Heck, their whole bodies were synchronized. Exact same posture from tip to tail. Right arm sticking out, left arm tucked under, and their (rear) legs were folded up the same way too, I realized after I put the camera away. Oops - ears aren't synchronized. Sunny's airing out one of his - they both got ear drops this morning. That might explain the depression.

But why were they depressed here? Beautiful weather finally. Mom home all day. Sunny just loves to have his face squished up against a wall. Sleeps that way all night and most of his naps too.

No fenced yard for spontaneous play? I guess that would be depressing.

And here's the "barricade" that's keeping them fenced in. I was worried that we wouldn't be able to enjoy an open door policy without a fenced patio, but since we don't have people walking by (except our 2am prowler) this does the trick to keep them in.

We went up to Idaho for the 4th of July weekend. Uncle Timothy took some more jump pictures so I could check out Star's lazy lab legs. She sure has good clearance up top.

She needs it, since those back legs hang down so far.

Looks like on this one she might have kept them stretched out.

Got another picture of Sunny fetching the dog bowl - he wants to enter another contest. This one is about dogs that do work. Good luck, my little boy! And thanks for your help twice a day handing those bowls up to me.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Dog Sitting Redefined

This car episode isn't nearly as graceful as this one, but it sure was entertaining. Fortunately I had already pulled the car off the road for something else, so I could watch it unfold.

Similar to the previous story, Sunny was again trying to get into the front seat. This time he got hung up because his silly sister in the back seat was sitting on his leash. I'm imprecise on a lot of the details here but stick with me.

For some reason he couldn't move backwards either. I looked back and it seemed that he was stuck with his rear end wedged against the back seat just to the point where his back feet didn't touch anything, so he couldn't give a push. So I gave him a nudge backwards. And next thing ya know, the poor little guy was really stuck. And I am not kidding when I say this is exactly the position we had gotten him stuck in:

He was sitting on his rear end just like a zebra, his hind legs dangling and not able to reach the floor. Arms probably flailing - I can't really remember. And I was laughing and trying to figure out where the cell phone camera was and could I get it out in time and laughing some more and then decided to just watch and see what happened.

He got himself unstuck, but a minute later I couldn't recall how. I guess my mind was just so full of the image of him dog sitting there, wondering how I would ever tell the story. I wouldn't be surprised if it's the funniest thing he ever does. I'm sure the look on his face was priceless too. But, alas, I didn't record that image anywhere either.

Star needs equal billing - sitting on Sunny's leash and making his story happen isn't enough of a story about her. For creating his most embarrassing moment, I'll share her most embarrassing moment.

This one happened on June 9th, which I note from her training blog, is about when we got serious about her agility career. We had been doing jumps and such for a few days, and getting into a training mindset.

When I am getting ready for bed, she has a habit of hopping up onto the bed and claiming the best spot. That evening, I was training her to wait until I got settled into bed before claiming the left-overs. She was on the ground by the wall, Sunny was between her and the bed when I gave her the all clear. She was so excited that she vaulted OVER Sunny to get on the bed!

It was not her shiniest moment - she had a bit of a crash landing on the edge of the bed, and I don't recall how Sunny made out - if she cleared him before the crash or if he was dragged down in the mess.

Anyway, no animals were seriously injured in the making of this episode. I got back out of bed and made her do a few more mounts and dismounts to make sure she ended on a good experience. Then lots of cuddles in bed.