Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Head to Head

Picture this. 2 dogs lying head to head. Tops of their fuzzy heads joined like siamese dog twins. Stretching from the upper left to lower right corner of the bed. Where is mom supposed to sleep? And why do I let them do this to me. Why don't I make them get up and move?

'cause it was so sweet when we started out. I was laying the wrong way across the bed to stretch my neck out over the edge, and they came up on the bed on either side of me and laid down in my arms. I don't remember how we got from there to siamese dog twins, but there we were, for better or worse.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Prelude to a Giggle

The title refers to the post below, from last night.

But first a word about this morning. In bed.

About an hour before I had to get up, Sunny climbed onto the bed, put his head on my pillow, the warm soft top of his head resting against my cheek.

Not to be outdone, Star rolled over and put her head on my stomach.

I reached my arms around, under and over until I could reach the head and soft ears of each dog with one hand, and we dozed this way until the alarm started going off 45 minutes later, and even then we didn't stop through 3 snooze buttons.

What a great way to start the morning!

And how did we end the night before - almost as well, as posted to FB.

When I want a quick giggle, I just lay down on the carpet and soon my face is being washed and my neck is being tickled by soft pink tongues and wet noses. And the next thing I know, there's a tennis ball dropping on me somewhere.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Dog is a Cat

It's been a while since I played with a kitten, but 3 things stand out in my memory.

1) Kitten sitting on its haunches or standing on its hind legs batting at the feather stick that I waved over its head.

2) Kitten laying on its back, arms flailing in the air, at the same teasing toy.

3) Sharp little claws and teeth grabbing at my arm if I tried to tease with my fingers.

Now imagine a 60 pound cat.

With teeth like a dog.

And toe nails like a dog.

That's my dog. She plays like a kitten. I wonder if she was raised with a kitten and learned how to play by watching and emulating the kitty.

Ya just never know the history when you get a rescue pup, but it sure is fun to speculate. And sure is painful to get swiped by those claws.

She also acts like a jack rabbit, or maybe kangaroo, when she hops around out in the weeds.

And here's wazzup with my boy:

His propensity to sleep with his head smooshed up against a wall baffled me until I brought a crate into the house. He climbed right in, smooshed his head against the wall, and proceeded to take a catnap. Security I guess.

Here's my pretty girl, glancing out the window at the morning.

And here are some precious moments with the kids in bed before we got up to start our day.

Please forgive the low quality cell phone pictures - dragging the big camera into bed would probably spoil the moment, not to mention I couldn't even take them this close with it.