Sunday, February 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Network

On this day in 1996, just another Glab (Golden Retriever/Lab) was born in Red Bluff, CA, to a big block-headed Lab named Coach and a pretty Golden (whose name I never learned). Five weeks later, that little tank became my best buddy. We had 13 1/2 wonderful years together. He's the only puppy I've raised. That's neither here nor there. ;')

In the photo above, he is on the far left, with Lily next. On my other side is little Chevy, a Career Change pup adopted by the son of my good friend Judy. I'm very excited to have this photo electronically. It was an early vintage "Joy" photo, and most likely on film. I found this cut out version printed on plain white paper on my mom's refrigerator, a little faded, but still one of my fav's. It was probably taken around the 4th of July, at our favorite beach north of Bodega Bay. I'm not sure what year, so I'll post it on FB soon and see who can help me put the clues together.

Today is another milestone of sorts - the first day that Sunny and Star and I woke up in our new house. Star joined Sunny and I just about three years ago (another birthday/adoption celebration coming up soon. Sunny had already been with me for eight months. They have patiently waited through apartment living and leash walks and now they get the big payoff. We aren't wasting any time starting to enjoy it. The photo only shows the main section - back behind the hedges and off on the left there is even more yard, with lots of ups and downs for Star to fly up and down.