Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sacred Monkey

Sacred Monkey?

Sacrificial Lamb?

Kinda weak for an end of the year post, but it's all I got. Just an interesting observation on amusing dog behavior.

You may recall one of the first posts about Sunny, entitled Sunny's Monkey. Shortly after choosing his monkey, Sunny picked out a stuffed and squeaker-embedded little yellow ducky. The yellow ducky quickly became a shell of its former self, appendages hanging on by a thread, as the stuffing and squeaker were immediately and roughly extracted.

Next came the fox. This one didn't have stuffing or squeaker. Instead, the poor little fox had a regular old recycled 8 oz plastic water bottle, which I shouldn't really admit, living as close to Boulder as I do. The fox also came equipped with a handy velcro opening in a rather nasty place, so when the bottle got flatted and not so fun to munch on and make crackly noises with, you could pull out the old one and shove a new one up there. (I know, I know. I'm ending my phrases illegally with prepositions, but considering how the sentence ends, that should be the least of your concerns. Besides, I rocked on my GMAT verbal and writing tests 23 days ago, so obviously I know how to write right when I want to.)

While shopping for dog food a few days before Christmas, Sunny picked out his Christmas present. Shown above, it's a sheepskin covered stuffed ball in alternating light and dark shades of sheep. After unwrapping it on Christmas, reports are (I only got the report later, as I was laying on a beach in Mexico at the time) that he quickly started shearing that sheep! So it was taken away and put in a safe place so that I could deal with the destruction upon my return. And now he is systematically destroying it, fluffy piece by fluffy piece. But he is making it last - we're at the 4 day mark right now and it's still more furry than bald.

The whole point of this ridiculous post should be obvious from the picture captions above. The monkey that he loved so much in October, while now largely ignored, has survived completely undamaged. It has squeakies in every appendage and a goose honker in its belly and lots of fluffy stuffing. By all means, the monkey should look like the little yellow ducky by now. But for some reason we'll never understand, the monkey is somehow sacred to Sunny. Or maybe we do know - just go back and look at the pictures and read the story.

And have a Happy New Year!