Monday, November 21, 2011

The Best Day of 2011

What happened to 2011? Did nothing happen worth writing about since January 7?

The dogs might say I've been too busy to pay them any mind, but little do they know that they are never far from my mind. I guess we're just past the honeymoon period when there were lots of new stories to tell and pictures to take.

A post for another day - the photos that were selected for the Safe Harbor Lab Rescue 2012 calendar.

But today is all about our accomplishments for the year, and especially this special day 11/20/11:

Mom - 2 parts of the CPA exam done, 2 to go, and more importantly, 5 months of employment and paychecks! After 3 years without - NICE!! Note to those HR types who say one's skills are out of date after 3 years, or that one loses their work ethic after so much time away from the daily grind: not true. At least not for this cat - phew! I did have a moment of panic when I realized I was going back to 8-5, but was relieved when I slid right back in like I had never left it.

Sunny - I (Mom) sent my wish out to the universe to meet the person who had always wanted to do pet assisted therapy but didn't have the right dog, since I had the dog but no time. In February, the universe moved Micki in next door. I really don't remember how it started, but by summer, she and Sunny were enrolled at the Spokane Dog Training Club and successfully completed the Canine Good Citizen test. They went on to take an intensive 2 day class to prepare for the Delta Society certification, passed the class, and went on 2 weeks later (11/20/11) to pass the evaluation! Way to Sunny and Micki.

And might I also mention, when I went back to work in August, Micki offered to visit the dogs every afternoon. Sometimes she would give them dinner, but not always, but then Star in her inimitable way, started to pout when dinner wasn't provided, so I gave in and let her give them dinner every day, and what a pleasure it is to come home from work and not have to worry about pottying and feeding the dogs. Thank you Micki!

Star - My little Agility Star. After a training break in the fall of 2010 while I staggered through 5 grad classes without dropping either of my NPFs, we started to train again in January. At home in the living room we practiced weave poles EVERY DAY - 3 times a day. We also had a handling class at SDTC where she really did great, but when we started an outdoor class in April, we started to have trouble. Just couldn't get her comfortable outside, which may have been in part due to the increasing stress in the home as the first part of the CPA exam crept up, after 3 months of daily studying. Finally got into Barb Davis's indoor class and started to make progress again. Postponed our intended June competitive debut until October. And finally on 11/20/11, same day as Sunny's big accomplishment, in our 3rd trial, 5th competitive run, we got our first Q. I may have teared up a little crossing the finish line. But my favorite part of the video (below) is my friend Rosemary, leash runner, getting air in her excitement and happiness for us.

It's been a good year!