Monday, September 5, 2016

Back to School Essay

The sucky thing about agility is the hours that Xander has to spend in his crate between runs. But this weekend he made good use of his time and wrote his back to school essay. He asked me to type it up for him.

What I Did This Summer

By Karsten's Alexander Fallon Super Man

This summer my mom and I worked hard on our agility teamwork. First she taught me that the bars aren't supposed to fall down and that I need to pay more attention to my long legs to make sure that I'm doing my part. (She said she has a part too. I'll get there in a minute.) After that lesson, I found that it was real easy to keep the bars on the jumps. She just never told me that it was very important, so I didn't know until we had that lesson.
The next thing she taught me was that I need to pay really close attention to her body language. Everything can be a signal telling me something to do, even if she isn't talking in people language. That was a huge breakthrough. We really started clicking as a team after she taught me that, and we did almost everything really well together.
The only thing that I can't understand is why she never tells me what to do around the weaving poles. I used to do them all by myself, but since she started showing me exactly what to do everywhere else, I kept waiting for her to tell me what to do there too. I gave her 3 tries to try to tell me on every run, but she never did and then it was too late for me to just do it the way I wanted to.
I'm really glad she didn't get mad at me. I hope she reads my Back to School essay so we can have some more lessons and learn how to communicate about how to do the weaving poles.
Other than that, I had a really good summer and I love playing agility with my mom! And not just because she feeds me lots of yummy treats and plays ball with me after every run. But that certainly doesn't hurt.

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